About Us

Mem & Laz reflects the abundance and fertility of Mediterranean region in its character and has thoroughly acquired its outstanding flavours.

It is a stylish brasserie restaurant providing comfortable dining in authentic and intimate surroundings with plenty of colourful hanging lamps and handmade mosaic chandeliers which provides a warm and cosy atmosphere.

We provide efficient and friendly service and our guests are served only freshly prepared dishes by our chefs with great culinary experience.
You can enjoy a wide range of dishes from our brunch,lunch set,a la carte and chef’s specials menus as well as Sunday roasts.

We make your special occasions unforgettable.You may end up dancing on your table cheered by other guests. Relax,don’t be as red as a beetroot! You don’t have to; we do dance for you if you are shy!Mem and Laz has become a unique venue or all your occasions.

At Mem & Laz,we believe that customer satisfaction comes first with no condition at all times and we make sure it is maintained at all costs. The proprietor’s overall supervision and personal touch appreciated by our customers by way of increased confidence for 18 successful years.

We are looking forward entertaining you in Mem & Laz soon.